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Helpful resources for promoting optimal infant skincare

Infant skin is delicate and requires special attention and care. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies and preventive techniques to help maintain the delicate balance.

Determining diaper rash type

Not all diaper rashes are the same. Here's a look at the various contributors to the skin condition.

Study finds vast variations in newborn skincare

The first hours of life carry a long checklist, which often includes the newborn's first bath, but variation in the practice appears to be quite common across US birthing centers.

Is it diaper rash or is it atopic dermatitis?

Irritated skin in the diaper area may make parents first think of diaper rash, but atopic dermatitis is another possible condition. Knowing the triggers can help determine the correct diagnosis.

Preventing diaper rash

Although not every case of diaper rash can be avoided, using preventive techniques can reduce damage.

Cloth diapers: Are they the answer to less diaper rash?

Cloth diapers are considered less likely to cause diaper rash, but that's not always the case.

Tips for managing diaper rash

Managing an infant's diaper rash doesn't have to be difficult.