2021 Resident Writer Program

Autumn Hinds
1st Place Winner:

To treat or not to treat? Unusual presentation of fever and abdominal pain in a 15-year-old female - Autumn Hinds, MD

Metzger Matthew
1st Place Winner

Fever, eschar, and rash in a 4-year-old male - Matthew Christian Metzger, MD

Mikki Ann Martin
1st Place Winner

A case late-onset Group B streptococcus infection in fraternal twins - Mikki-Ann Martin, MD

Rachel Wilkinson
1st Runner Up

Scurvy in a pediatric patient with trisomy 21: A case study - Rachel Wilkinson, MD

Joshua Baalman
2nd Runner Up

Congenital syphilis in a newborn - Joshua Baalman, MD

Jacob Rotter
3rd Runner Up

IBD in a 2-year-old - Jacob Rotter, MD

Other Submissions Worth Reading

Speak no evil, or anything else: Aggression and selective mutism in adolescent male with 16p11.2p12.2 duplication syndrome and URI symptoms - Taiwo T. Ajumobi, DO, MS

Mannose: an unlikely cure - Rachael Mullin, DO, MS, PGY2

A 4-month old with new onset strabismus - Allie Dayno, MD, MA

An unusual cause of vomiting in a 13-month-old - Sarah Leluga, DO; Jenny Chang, MD; and Larissa Maria Isaac Maximo, MD

Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP) with systemic involvement in a 9-year-old boy given multiple antibiotics - Shreya Doshi, MD

A 17-month-old male with malnutrition - Katherine Douglas, MD; Janani Sundaresan, MD, MSc; Karina Javalkar, MD; Jamie Lim, MD

An unusual complication of acute pancreatitis – To treat or not to treat? - Ahreen Allana, MD

Lymphadenitis with persistent pneumonia. - Tam Tran, MD

Novel presentation of factor V Leiden mutation in a neonate with umbilical vein varix - Baily Howard, MD

Chemical burn injury on a 17-month-old female - Rutvi Shah, MD; Madison Anderson, MD

New-onset Psychosis and Catatonia as the initial presenting symptom of Autism in an adolescent female with global developmental delay: A Case Report - Christy Cho, MD

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