When puberty arrives too early or too late

October 09, 2021

Puberty will happen for every child, but when it arrives early or is delayed both parent and child may be worried. A presentation at the virtual 2021 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition discussed typical reasons for both early and delayed pubertal development.

Extended-wear insulin infusion set leads to greater satisfaction in type 1 diabetes

June 28, 2021

A study presented during a poster session at the American Diabetes Association Virtual 81st Scientific Sessions evaluated performance, safety, and satisfaction of an extended-wear insulin infusion set in patients with type 1 diabetes.

How early childhood nutrition influences future cardiometabolic risks

June 27, 2021

The impact of nutrition in the first years of life on future cardiometabolic health has been generally understood, although gaps about certain populations remain. A session at the virtual Scientific Sessions for the American Diabetes Association sought to fill the gap for Native American children.

Using provider education to expand specialty diabetes care to the underserved

June 26, 2021

For many underserved type 1 diabetes patients the ability to seek specialist care is out of reach for a variety of reasons. One program discussed at the virtual Scientific Sessions for the American Diabetes Association seeks to change that by empowering primary care providers through education to provide much-needed specialist care to those patients.