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Abughali N, Darbari D, Pablic K, Tunnessen WW

Fever, arthritis, and rash in a 10-year-old: Drats, foiled again! (rat-bite fever; Puzzler. 24, Dec

Adelman WP, Joffe A

The adolescent male genital examination: What's normal and what's not. 76, Jul

Alderman EM

Breast problems in the adolescent. 99, Sep

Ambalavanan N, Carlo WA

How would you handle these newborns? 115, Jun

Anderson KA: see Anderson JE

Anderson JE, Anderson KA

What to tell parents about circumcision. 87, Feb

Asch-Goodkin J

The autumn of life. 108, Jan

Asuncion A: see Conway EE

Bacal DA, Rousta ST, Hertle RW

Why early vision screening matters. 155, Feb

Bahadori RS: see Schwartz RH

Baker CJ: see Mead PB

Barakat AJ: see Hoerlein MM

Bauchner H: see Werk LN

Beck SA, Burks A

Taking action against anaphylaxis (CME). 87, Aug

Benjamin JT, Shariat H

Overcoming impediments to breastfeeding: How pediatricians can help. 73, Nov

Bennett FC

Diagnosing cerebral palsy--the earlier the better (CME). 65, Jul

Block, SL

Tympanocentesis: Why, when, how. 103, Mar

Boley SJ: see Kleinhaus S

Bolte R

Drowning: A preventable cause of death. 94, Jul

Botvin GJ: see Schinke SP

Borowitz D: see Millard S

Borsett-Kanter L: see Moss D

Bravender TD Tunnessen WW

Weight loss in a 15-year-old male: A pint-sized problem (alcohol abuse; Puzzler). 27, Jul

Bukowski TP Freedman AL

Urethal catheterization: The case for caution. 100, Apr

Burks A: see Beck SA

Cadwell K: see Philipp BL

Carlo WA: see Ambalavanan N

Carraccio C: see Englander R

Carraccio C, Englander R

Gesundheit! (Clinician's Crossword). 138, Aug

Chessare JB: see Werk LN

Coffin SE, Offit PA

At last: A vaccine for rotavirus. 105, Feb

Cohen BA

Pediatric dermatology: What's your DX? (congenital zinc deficiency). 27, Oct

Pediatric dermatology: What's your DX? (anogenital warts). 35, Jan

Pediatric dermatology: What's your DX? (necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum). 23, Jul

Pediatric dermatology: What's your DX? (erythema nodosum). 27, Apr

Combs JT, Schuman AJ

Three technologies for taming otitis media. 78, Mar

Conway EE, Asuncion A, DaRosso R

Diagnosing and managing brain tumors: The pediatrician's role (CME). 84, Nov

Darbari D: see Abughali N

Darmstadt GL

A guide to abscesses in the skin (CME). 135, Apr

DaRosso R: see Conway EE

Dern MS, MT. Stein MT

"He keeps getting stomachaches, Doctor. What's wrong?". 43, May

Devine S, Ewing SG, Robinson BW, Tunnessen WW

Cyanosis in a newborn babe: Using the blue ox (transposition of the great arteries; Puzzler). 33, Apr

Dixit R, Gartner LM

The jaundiced newborn: Minimizing the risks. 166, Apr

Donowitz LG

At-a-glance guide to infection control in day care. 127, Nov

Duggan CP: see Lasche J

Eden AN

Helping toddlers eat right. 197, Mar

Eichberg C: see Green M

Emans S: see Kahn JA

Englander R: see Carraccio C

Englander R, Carraccio C

And the diagnosis is . . . (Clinician's Crossword). 158, May

Ewing SG: see Devine S

Field TM

Massage therapy: More than a laying on of hands). 77, May

Fishman SJ: see Teitelbaum JE

Fix AD

Lyme disease: An update. 77, Sep

Fleischer AB: see Scales JW

Freedman AL: see Bukowski TP

Gartner LM: see Dixit R

Ganunis T, Heldrich FJ, Tunnessen WW

An obtunded 2-year-old: A volatile situation (acetone poisoning; Puzzler). 29, May

Gephart HR

The ADHD history: 42 questions to ask parents. 127, Oct

Gerardi JA: see Hennrikus W

Gereige RS, Tunnessen WW

Stomach pain in a 3-year-old: Abdominal or abominable? (spinal epidural abscess; Puzzler). 33, Feb

Gilsdorf J: see Linsk R

Gold MA

Providing emergency contraception in the office. 53, Mar

Golombek SG: see Rohan A

Gordon RC: see Patel DR

Green M

Promoting parental presence. 118, Feb

Green M, Sullivan P, Eichberg C

Homework conflicts, skirmishes, and wars. 54, Sep

Green M, Wald ER

Treating respiratory infections in the age of resistance. 35, Sep

Grose C: see Murph JR

Halvorson M: see Kaufman FR

Hayden GF: see Pappas DE

Hammerschlag MR

Chlamydia pneumoniae: An elusive pathogen. 57, May

Heldrich FJ: see Ganunis T

Heldrich FJ

When pediatric hospitalists make sense. 117, Apr

Hendeles L: see Sherman JM

Hendley JO: see Pappas DE

Hennrikus W, Shaw BA, Gerardi JA

Sorting out elbow injuries. 154, Oct

Herman BE, Skokan EG

Bites that poison: A tale of spiders, snakes, and scorpions. 41, Aug

Hertle RW: see Bacal DA

Heubi JE

Acetaminophen: The other side of the story. 61, Dec

Hoerlein MM, Barakat AJ, Reese DJ, Tunnessen WW

A 17-month-old with dehydration: Don't delay the diagnosis (vitamin D overdose; Puzzler). 24, Sep

House DV: see Winter WE

Joffe A: see Adelman WP

Johnson KB, Lehmann CU

Extend your clinical reach with the Internet. 67, Aug

Kaditis AG, Wald ER

Viral croup: Current diagnosis and treatment. 139, Feb

Kahn JA, Emans S

Gynecologic examination of the prepubertal girl (CME). 148, Mar

Kaufman FR, Halvorson M

New trends in managing type 1 diabetes (CME). 112, Oct

Kemper KJ

Shark cartilage, cat's claw, and other complementary cancer therapies. 102, Nov

Kemper KJ, Lester MR

Alternative asthma therapies: An evidence-based review. 162, Mar

Kirby D

Reducing adolescent pregnancy: Approaches that work. 83, Jan

Kleinhaus S, Boley SJ

The latest news about minimally invasive surgery. 125, Jan

Knight JR, Rappaport LA

ADHD--it's not just kid stuff. 52, Apr

Koh A: see Pizzo C

Krowchuk DP: see Scales JW

Kuhn J: see Millard S

Lasche J, Duggan CP

Managing acute diarrhea: What every pediatrician needs to know (CME). 74, Feb

Laureta E: see Rivera RF

Leichter AM: see Teitelbaum JE

Lehmann CU: see Johnson KB

Lesperance M: see Linsk R

Lester MR: see Kemper KJ

Linsk R, Gilsdorf J, Lesperance M

When amoxicillin fails. 67, Oct

Lukefahr JL

Eluding pornographers, predators, and peddlers: Internet safety for children. 140, Nov

Lund DP: see Pena BG

Lynn AM, Ulma GA, Spieker M

Pain control for very young infants: An update. 39, Nov

McDowell K: see Millard S

McMillan JA

A problem we share (Editorial). 7, Jul

Families in America (Editorial). 9, Apr

Infections: Forgotten but not gone (Editorial). 9, Sep

Just jump higher (Editorial). 9, May

Pediatrician presence (Editorial). 9, Feb

Summing up 1998 for children (Editorial). 9, Jan

The mothers of our patients: How can we help? (Editorial) 7, Dec

What outcome, what price? (Editorial) 9, Oct

What's in a name? (Editorial) 11, Mar

Who do we think we are, anyway?.(Editorial) 9, Nov

Women athletes, 1999 (Editorial). 9, Aug

Mack RB

Mucking out the stalls without the help of creatine (Poison Pen). 97, Jan

Mansbach J: see Pizzo C

Mauro RD

The Columbine shootings: A call to arms (Editorial). 9, Jun

Mazyrkan N: see Millard S

Mead PB, Schuchat A, Baker CJ

Perinatal GBS: Guidelines worth following. 67, Jan

Metzl JD

Caring for the young dancer (gymnast, figure skater). 134, Jun

Millard S, Kuhn J, McDowell K, Mazyrka N, Borowitz D, Tunnessen WW

Noisy breathing in a 9-month-old: No noise is good noise (vascular ring anomaly; Puzzler).

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