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Airline safety harness * Natural therapy for tummy pain * Infant warmer

Have harness-will travel

The harness slides over the seat back and has loops through which the existing seatbelt slides. CARES weighs one pound and fits into a small pouch. It is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to be carried on and installed by passengers on US-registered aircraft. The device should not be used on seats located in exit or emergency rows, and should be used on forward-facing seats only. For more information, visit or call 800-299-6249.

The pouch is heated and then inserted into the waistband. When the waistband is wrapped around the infant's abdomen, the heat and aromatics help to soothe him or her and reduce painful spasms. The adjustable waistband is available in a variety of colors. For more information, visit

Radiant infant warming and more

There are optional add-on features such as a resuscitation kit, which meets the American Academy of Pediatrics' neonatal resuscitation program guidelines, an in-bed scale, and SpO2 monitoring. For more information, visit

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