LLS helps healthcare providers support AYA patients during key transitions

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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Education & Services Department has resources and information to support healthcare providers working with adolescent and young adult (AYA) blood cancer patients and their caregivers.

AYA patients are undergoing physical, emotional, and social transitions disrupted after a blood cancer diagnosis. This includes body image, diet and exercise, mental health, school, career, finances, and oncology to primary care. LLS Information Specialists are available to provide AYA patients and their caregivers with education and support resources to navigate these transitions.

Listen to LLS’s recent continuing education program for healthcare professionals, Clinician Strategies and Resources: Caring for AYAs as they Transition to Cancer Survivorship.

The LLS A Teen’s Guide to Everything Cancertouches on many of these transitions for adolescents and can be very helpful for young adults as well. How Do I? Videos are short clips that share tips and resources for dealing with many cancer-related questions AYAs may have including wearing a wig, managing stress, maintaining physical health, and more. LLS publications for AYAs also include Young Adults and Cancer, a Write It Outjournal for expressive writing and creativity and Managing Stress for tips on how stress affects patients and how to manage it. The LLS Community is an online gathering space for AYAs to share their concerns and find support.

A key transition for younger patients with blood cancer is moving from oncology care to primary care in survivorship. Young adults may not have an existing trusted relationship with a primary care provider or may fear transitioning from oncology care due to ongoing survivorship needs or concerns about relapse. However, it is important for them to have a transition plan from the day of diagnosis to ensure that both their oncology and general medical needs are met throughout their lifetime. Communication between oncology and general providers is necessary so that all medical needs are addressed. In addition to education programs like those above, LLS includes information about primary care in the Survivorship Workbooks for Children and Adolescents and Young Adultsas well as in the AYA resources shared here.

It’s easy to refer a patient to LLS, just click our Online Referral Form HERE!

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