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Expert speaks out on asthma

After reading Dr. Thomas E. Plaut's new book, Dr. Tom Plaut's Asthma Guide for People of All Ages, asthma patients and their parents will learn ways to reduce visits to emergency rooms and avoid hospitalization. The book aims to help asthma patients achieve control over their disease; it contains information on how to take inhaled medicines, monitor peak flow and asthma signs, and follow a plan based on asthma treatment zones. Written with Teresa B. Jones, MA, this new volume complements Dr. Plaut's widely used book, One Minute Asthma: What You Need to Know. For further information, call 800-611-6081, write to Pedipress, Inc., 125 Red Gate Lane, Amherst, MA 01002, or visit the Pedipress Web site at

Curette angles for comfort

VersaLoop Curette has a small, flexible plastic tip; it gives the user control while offering patients more comfort and safety than stainless steel, according to the manufacturer. The angled loop conforms to the shape of the ear canal, and is also small enough to fit through an otoscope for precise visually guided curettage. To receive a free sample, call 800-551-7096; write to Bionix Development Corp., 5154 Enterprise Boulevard, Toledo, OH 43612; or visit their Web site at

Maximum use of neonatal blood

The ABL700 blood gas analyzer from Radiometer can measure 17 critical-care parameters from a few drops of blood. Using just 95 µL of whole blood, bilirubin and fetal hemoglobin can be measured simultaneously with any combination of pH, blood gas, electrolyte, metabolite, and oximetry parameters. By analyzing whole blood, the ABL700 provides fast and accurate information about a baby's condition. The system is completely automated, from initial loading to final measurement. Call Radiometer America Inc. at 800-736-0600, ext. 333, or visit the Web site at

Topical spray prevents pain

Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride, a topical anesthetic skin refrigerant, prevents pain when sprayed on the skin. The quick-acting vapocoolant temporarily freezes the skin for a local anesthetic effect. It can be used for injections, incisions, minor sports injuries such as contusions or bruises, and restricted motion or myofascial pain. For further information, call 800-321-9348 or write Gebauer Co., 9410 St. Catherine Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44104.


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