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Adding appeal to electrolyte replacement liquids

ReVital Pediatric Oral Electrolytes has enhanced its product line to please the child who has a dehydrating illness—by adding a new color and flavor combination: blue raspberry. Prepared without aspartame, ReVital comes in gelatin cups, gelatin tubes, freezer pops, and liquid squeeze tubes. In addition, the containers and packaging feature the Nickelodeon television network's "Blue's Clues" character—an effort, ReVital says, to inspire children to drink what they need even when they don't feel like it. Available in supermarkets and chain drug stores nationwide, the ReVital oral electrolyte product also comes in 1-liter bottles and six-packs. For information, call 800-789-1515 or visit .

To transport a traumatized tooth

The patented SAVE-A-TOOTH container was designed by an endodontist and teacher to preserve and reconstitute an avulsed tooth for as long as four days—time enough to get child and tooth to the dentist to have the tooth replanted. The tooth is kept in a nurturing environment and sealed in a shatter-proof case. Cost: approximately $18. Order SAVE-A-TOOTH online at or by calling 888-788-6684.

Insulin pen downsized for children and teenagers

NovoPen Junior, an insulin-delivery pen from NovoNordisk (maker of NovoPen for adults), is now available in half-unit dosing increments to accommodate the needs of children. NovoPen Junior is part of a comprehensive diabetes-management system that includes a CD-ROM of games, an instructive video, a brochure, and a question-and-answer booklet for parents. For information, call 800-727-6500 or visit

For the office: Medical waste disposal

The Medical Waste Machine accepts needles, syringes, scalpel blades, and other sharp objects, and promptly sterilizes them into ordinary waste. Small enough for a tabletop, the device also reduces the volume of waste by 75%—enough, the manufacturer reports, to eliminate the need for a medical waster hauler in some settings. For information, call 866-223-5858, PIN 3010.

Look at this: Vision testing for ages 3 years and older

Optec 500 is a remote-controlled vision testing instrument that weighs approximately nine pounds, works at a distance of eight feet, and can be operated by one person. Testing targets appear on both sides of the unit; multiple levels of HOTV acuities are used. The child who is being tested can either speak the answers or play a matching game to indicate what he sees. Visual acuity levels range from 20/63 through 20/50, 20/40, 20/32, 20/25, and 20/20. For information, visit or call 800-344-9500.

Artistic fun for children while they wait

My Picture, from Playscapes Children's Environments, is a wall-mounted 22-inch-square picture waiting to be completed and begun again in the waiting room with the touch of an expressive warm finger or palm. Using heat-sensitive film technology, My Picture is durable, reusable, and engineered to meet infection-control standards. For information or a full- color catalogue, call 800-248-7529.

Here comes the sun

The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation now appears on children's clothing from Coolibar because the company's apparel is designed to block 98% of ultraviolet A and B radiation. A variety of summer play clothes and hats, with back panels to cover the neck, are offered. Coolibar sunglasses that block 99.5% UV are available for babies and children. The company also offers four types of sunscreen with active ingredients that include micronized zinc oxide, octinoxate, octocrylene, and oxybenzone. By turning from white to blue when exposed to sunlight, the bottles remind parents to apply sunblock to their child. Coolibar also offers a 6-foot x 6-foot tent that can accommodate two parents and two children—and blocks 98% of ultraviolet radiation. For information, visit .

Molly Frederick
Senior Associate Editor


New Products. Contemporary Pediatrics 2003;3:130.

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