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New products

1 Healthy alternative to soda and full-strength fruit juices

2 On-the-go nebulizing

Products for young ostomy patients

The Little Ones line of ostomy products has been designed specifically for infants and children by ConvaTec. The systems feature thinner landing zones than conventional products, welded edges for added softness against a baby's skin, and a selection of smaller sizes to accommodate smaller-weight babies.

Little Ones products are manufactured with proprietary ConvaTec features, including Adhesive Coupling Technology; the InvisiClose outlet, an integrated closure system for easier drainage and softer closure; and Stomachesive skin, a hydrocolloid adhesive formulation that conforms to the folds of a child's body. For information, visit http://www.convatec.com/ or call (800) 422-8811.

3 Mouth rinse touts its "free-of" formulation