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Pain patch for ped procedures

Endo Pharmaceutical's topical local anesthetic patch Synera (lidocaine, 70 mg, and tetracaine, 70 mg) became available for purchase earlier this summer. This self-contained, topical patch is intended to prevent dermal pain associated with superficial venous access and superficial dermatologic procedures in patients 3 years and older.

Much like a commercial adhesive bandage, Synera has a peel-and-stick mode of application. It comprises a thin and uniform formulation of the local anesthetic and an integrated, oxygen-activated heating component to expedite delivery of the anesthetic.

All-natural skin-care for baby-with a focus on what's missing

Baby Bouquet products are also lacking-in ethoxylates, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, detergents, numbing agents found in "tear-free" shampoos, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, and artificial colors.

For information: and (714) 545-5760

Relief from the skin irritation of clothing for warm-weather wear

Milliken & Co. has added a line of short-sleeve tee-shirts to its DermaSmart fabric line of clothing. The shirts keep children cool during hot weather and offer 100% lightweight microfiber jersey fabric construction for youngsters who have dry, itchy, scaling skin or who suffer a dermatologic condition, such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, that makes skin sensitive to mechanical irritants and perspiration.

DermaSmart shirts allow the fabric to absorb excess perspiration and disperse it through the fabric so that the garment dries quickly. The lightweight, breathable, and smooth fabric does not irritate sensitive skin when it comes in contact with the shirt, the manufacturer reports. The shirts also contain silver-a safe, natural antimicrobial that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and keeps garments from retaining unpleasant body odor. The tag-free shirts feature smooth, flat-felled seams sewn with soft thread.

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No more wiping that dropped pacifier on shirtsleeves!

BebeSounds offers the AlwaysClean Pacifier, featuring a unique shield that automatically closes when the pacifier is dropped, before it hits the ground-thereby protecting the nipple of the pacifier and keeping it sanitary.

The contoured shield of the pacifier is designed to fit a baby's mouth for maximum comfort; ventilation holes on each side of the shield help prevent irritation of the skin. The pacifier features a silicone orthodontic nipple to reduce the risk of latex allergy and a handle that locks the shield in place when the pacifier is not in use, keeping it closed and clean. The shape is designed to support and encourage healthy oral development, BebeSounds reports. The AlwaysClean Pacifier comes in two sizes-0-6 months and 6+ months-and is sold at Babies 'R Us stores.

For information: and (800) 233-1196.

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