New tech, new drugs for 2020

A look at two of our biggest-trending stories over the past few weeks: New technology tools and new pharmaceuticals for children in 2020.

With a year filled with so much bad news in the medical community, it is a relief to take a look at 2 of our most popular articles over the past month that actually offered something positive. Dr Andrew Schuman's annual review of the newest in medical technology tools did not disappoint, with this year's list including cool new ways to sanitize masks (which have now gone beyond surgical units and become a part of the uniform in virtually every doctor office in the United States), the best new digital stethoscope, and more. You can read the entire article here.

Continuing on the theme of new technology, Rachel Meyers offered an extensive look at new pharmaceutical technology, the latest drugs to help children battle a wide variety of conditions, from sickle cell disease to neurofibromatosis to acne to head lice. You can read "New drugs for children" right here.

Ending the year with a look at these cool new medical gizmos and advances in pharmaceuticals for children means we have even more medical support than ever for 2021, and beyond.

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