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Charles Golden, DO




Infant With Persistent Fever and Fussiness

March 02, 2011

A 4-week-old boy with tactile fever for the past 24 hours and fussiness of 2 weeks' duration is referred to the emergency department (ED).

Boy With Multifaceted Acute Illness

August 05, 2010

A 9-year-old previously healthy boy presents to his pediatrician with acute onset of a nonproductive cough, left eye swelling without loss of visual acuity, persistent fever of 3 days’ duration, chills, headache, chest pain, vomiting, and left knee pain with inability to bear weight.

Infant With Persistent Noisy Breathing

January 29, 2010

A 2-month-old boy is brought to the emergency department (ED) because of “noisy breathing” that has been present since birth. The parents report that they occasionally see the child’s ribs during inspiration when he is lying down.