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Dante Pappano, MD




Idiopathic Palmoplantar Hidradenitis

August 31, 2008

For 3 days, a 6-year-old boy had nonpruritic, painful lesions on the soles of both feet. His mother reported that he had difficulty in sleeping and walking but had no fever or other systemic symptoms.

Group A -Hemolytic Streptococcal Vulvovaginitis

July 01, 2007

An otherwise healthy 3-year-old girl was brought for evaluation of fever, sore throat, and shaking chills of 12 hours' duration. She had beefy-red, posterior oropharyngeal erythema and a scarlatiniform rash on her shoulder that had been present for a few hours. The rash faded out over her chest but reappeared in the perineum and lower abdomen. She also had vulvovaginal inflammation with surrounding erythema. The mother was surprised to see the inflammation, but in retrospect added that the child had complained of vaginal discomfort as well. A rapid antigen test for group A b-hemolytic streptococci (GABHS) from a swab of the oropharynx was positive.

Case in Point: Bladder Knots

August 01, 2006

The patient was a 6-year-old boy who had Menkes syndrome and bladder diverticula. He was receiving care at home with sterile intermittent catheterization.

Sialoadenitis in a Teenager

May 01, 2006

Fifteen-year-old girl with several- day history of worsening right-sided facial pain and swelling. Pain severity 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Limited oral intake.