Author | Edna Pytlak, MD


Warding Off the Common Cold in Young Children

November 16, 2012

Dr Pytlak offers tips on what parents can do to protect the whole family from colds and flu this season with some seasoned home remedies.

Postpartum Remedies for Better Breast Milk

September 13, 2012

Functional foods for post-partum mothers include galactagogues to enhance breast feeding and teas to soothe colic.

Diarrhea: Home Remedies to Help Rehydrate and to Soothe the Gut

August 30, 2012

Prolonged diarrhea causes dehydration and cellular depletion in the gastrointestinal lumen. Sodium-rich liquids and functional foods help restore gut balance.

Home Remedies for Ear Pain on the Ground and in the Air

June 07, 2012

Pain from ear infections can be reduced at home and during plane travel using ibuprofen and home remedies: cold water, warm compresses, and paper cups