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Houchang D. Modanlou, MD



Repeated Episodes of Abdominal Pain Followed by Emesis in a 22-Month-Old

July 30, 2008

Twenty-two-month-old girl seen in the emergency department (ED) after several hours of abdominal pain associated with non-bloody, non-bilious emesis. Over past 2 months, has had 7 or 8 similar episodes of abdominal pain followed by emesis 1 to 2 hours later.

Duodenal Atresia in a Neonate

May 01, 2005

The patient is a female neonate who weighed 2210 g at birth. The mother is an 18-year-old Mexican American (gravida 1, para 0, rapid plasma reagin-nonreactive, rubella-immune, and hepatitis B surface antigen-negative) who has had no regular prenatal care. She was admitted via the emergency department to labor and delivery after spontaneous rupture of fetal membranes at home.