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Larissa Hirsch, MD



Cardiovascular Disease Screening Misses At-Risk Youth

February 19, 2011

Hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, and coronary artery disease are ever-growing problems in our society. While these “adult” medical issues rarely concerned pediatricians in the past, it is now well recognized that these troublesome processes begin in childhood.

An Easy Way to Improve Immunization Rates: Turn Patients Into Record Holders

November 08, 2010

The importance of vaccination has been well proved over the years for both individuals and the community as a whole. According to the 2004 to 2006 National Immunization Survey sponsored by the CDC, about 80% of children in the United States are up-to-date (UTD) with their immunizations, a rate that although respectable still leaves room for improvement.

“Sweet” Solution for the Pain of Vaccinations

November 08, 2010

The frequent visits that pediatricians have with infants are bittersweet. While they are wonderful opportunities to form lasting relationships with families, they are also times when babies suffer through the necessary pain of multiple immunizations.

When to Start Talking About Sex? Earlier Than You May Think!

April 29, 2010

New data underscore importance of discussing sex, STIs sooner rather than later.

Children With Head Trauma: To CT or Not to CT?

January 20, 2010

To determine which children who had sustained head injuries would not benefit from CT scans, Kuppermann and colleagues3 conducted a prospective cohort study of more than 42,000 children from 25 North American emergency departments (EDs).

Speaking About Language Development . . .

September 22, 2009

For years, pediatricians have discussed with parents the important role that reading to their children plays in the development of language skills. We have encouraged talking to children about things around them, describing objects and events, and telling stories.