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Laurie Meng, PA-C




Photoclinic: Pathologic Fracture of an Aneurysmal Bone Cyst

August 01, 2006

Right lower leg pain prompted a 15-year-old boy to seek medical attention. An hour earlier, he had fallen on the leg during a football game and on standing had heard a "pop." No gross abnormality was noted. Jack-Ky Wang, MD, and Laurie Meng, PA-C, of Palos Heights, Ill, report that radiographs revealed a transversing pathologic fracture through an expansile lytic lesion of the right fibula.

Photoclinic: Growth Plate Fracture

August 01, 2006

A 16-month-old toddler was brought to the emergency department after he and the sibling who was carrying him fell down a flight of stairs. The child had not been able to bear weight on his left ankle since the fall and resisted his mother's efforts to put on his shoe. Prior medical records showed no history of broken bones or evidence of past abuse or questionable injuries.

Photoclinic: Spontaneous Pneumothorax

July 01, 2006

A 6-year-old girl with a nonproductive cough for 4 days and chest pain for 2 days was brought to the emergency department. According to the mother, the child had no fever or wheezing. She had no history of surgery, was not taking any medications, and had no contact with ill persons.