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ADHD Treatment Driven by Parents’ Preferences

September 09, 2013

For children with ADHD, assessing parents’ preferences and goals is useful for clinicians in understanding which treatment parents are likely to initiate for their children.

Emergency Contraception for Teens: The Pediatrician’s Role

December 07, 2012

Pediatricians can play an important role in counseling patients and providing prescriptions for teens in need of emergency contraception for preventing pregnancy.

Managing Bipolar Disorders in Adolescents: How Pediatricians Can Help

December 06, 2012

Criteria for pediatric bipolar disorder, along with treatment options, diagnostic guidance, and collaborative advice for pediatricians, are presented in an American Academy of Pediatrics clinical report

Targeting Childhood Obesity Prevention With Social Media

December 05, 2012

Social media may play a role in helping children overcome obesity. Health care professionals are encouraged to use new recommendations as a tool for promoting healthy behavioral change.