Author | Martin A. Coles, MD


Acute Hemorrhagic Edema of Infancy in an 11-Month-Old Girl

July 31, 2008

For 2 days, an 11-month-old girl had a progressively worsening rash and subjective fever (A). The rash began on the legs as bumps, which later became large violaceous lesions (B) and spread to the face, arms, and trunk.

Conjunctival "Pyogenic Granuloma"

February 01, 2007

A 10-year-old boy had a 3-day history of an itchy eye. His mother thought he had somehow cut his upper left eyelid.

Ranulas in a 14-Year-Old Boy

September 01, 2005

14-Year-old boy who presents to emergency department with nonpainful swelling under his chin that began about a week earlier. Swelling has been gradually growing; patient now has some difficulty in flexing his neck.