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Young Child With Hematuria and Dysuria

July 01, 2007

A 3-year-oldgirl is brought to the office because of a 1-week history of hematuria and dysuria. Her mother had noticed bright red blood in the child's urine and diaper. The child did not have dysuria initially but later complained of a burning sensation. A week earlier, the patient had been seen at an urgent care center. Oral trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole was prescribed after urinalysis showed numerous red blood cells and few white blood cells. However, the hematuria persisted.

Whats Wrong With This Picture? Child With Swollen Leg and Fever

March 01, 2006

A 16-month-old previously healthy child is hospitalized after 36 hours of worsening painful edema and erythema of the right lower leg and high fever with chills.

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Child With Fever and Persistent Cough

December 01, 2005

A2¹⁄₂-year-old child is hospitalized with a 1-monthhistory of worsening persistent cough. She was initiallytreated with a 5-day course of oral amoxicillin, andher symptoms abated somewhat. However, for the pastweek, she has experienced high fever (temperatures upto 38.3°C [101°F]) and chills associated with right-sidedpleuritic chest pain.