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Sally Beattie, RN, MS, ACNS, GNP-BC


Hypertension: Nursing guide to this cardiac pressure cooker

October 01, 2009

Patients may be overwhelmed with the multiple lifestyle changes that control of hypertension requires. RN's care guide will help them understand why each step toward normal blood pressure is so important for long-term health.

Diabetes: The tipping point to a metabolic meltdown

September 01, 2009

Follow the treatment and education of a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patient: taking a case history, making a diagnosis, and teaching the patient how to monitor and control blood sugar.

Lipids: A nursing action plan for improving patients' lipoprotein levels

September 01, 2009

Use our sample patient with high blood lipids as a guide for diagnosing hyperlipidemia, interpreting blood tests, and educating your own patients.