Author | Sonal S. Tuli, MD


Young Girl With “Bumpy” Red Eye

February 08, 2011

Five-year-old girl with redness and light sensitivity of the right eye of 2 days' duration. She denied any significant pain or decreased vision. She initially presented to an urgent care clinic, where application of polymyxin B/trimethoprim eye drops 4 times a day was prescribed.

Ganglion cyst

February 08, 2011

The bump on this 5-year-old girl's left wrist had been gradually enlarging. The child could not remember how long it had been present.

Young Boy With Different Colored Eyes

November 17, 2010

A 6-month-old boy with different colored eyes since birth. The parents are concerned that the eye anomaly may be associated with an underlying condition after reading about eye disorders online.


October 08, 2010

For 3 days, a 10-year-old boy had an itchy, tense, vesicular rash on the fingers of both hands (A). He was otherwise healthy.