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Stuart A. Weinzimer, MD

3288 Moanalua Rd


Diabetes Q&A: 70/30; "Rule of Fifths"; Split-Mix; Basal-Bolus-- Which Is Best?

February 01, 2007

During my training, most pediatric endocrinologists were using the "70/30 rule" or the "rule of fifths" to determine the insulin dosage for patients with new-onset diabetes. Now that I am in practice, I have heard that carbohydrate counting is a more accurate method of determining a child's insulin needs.

Diagnostic Tips, Initial Management Strategies

December 01, 2006

What should primary care pediatricians do--and what should we not do--when we encounter a patient with newly diagnosed diabetes?

What Role for an Insulin Pump for the Very Young?

November 01, 2006

What are the indications for use of an insulin pump in veryyoung children (infants and preschoolers)?