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Susan Kweskin




Politics and the HPV Vaccine: How Would You Respond?

September 19, 2011

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann recently caught the attention of a lot of people when, during a television interview following a Presidential debate, she claimed that the HPV vaccine has “very significant consequences.”

Welcome, Dr Golder Wilson

February 01, 2008

Dr Wilson-series editor of our "Genetics Disorder" feature-has been practicing pediatrics and genetics for nearly 30 years. He has written more than 150 articles and 6 books and CD ROMs for clinicians on pediatrics and medical genetics. Examples include a collection of checklists to assist the primary physician with preventive health care1 and a "Keep Up With the Genetics Revolution"2 CD ROM to foster genetic education for nurses. He is also the author of Four Mothers: Four Faces of disAbility,3 which he wrote "for the desperate parent, hearing or thinking for the first time that something is wrong." He also dedicated that book to those clinicians who face the task of informing parents or for directing care for children with disabilities. He writes: "Here you can realize the value of your care and experience the enormous gratitude for those who make time for special needs of children."

Welcome, Dr Linda Nield

January 01, 2008

If you are a regular reader of this journal, you've probablyenjoyed articles on a number of topics that werewritten by Dr Linda S. Nield. I'm pleased to announcethat Dr Nield has recently joined the editorial boardof Consultant For Pediatricians, and I would like toextend to her a warm welcome.

Editors Commentary: Three in One . . .

October 01, 2006

If you are reading this editorial, you've already seen the 2 special supplements to Consultant For Pediatricians that came wrapped with our October issue. The editors of those special issues and I hope that you'll find information in the vaccine and dermatology supplements that you can put to good use in your practice. We hope you'll find the same in our regular issue.