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Managing headache with a tiered approach

October 03, 2020

Headache may be one of the most recognizable health concerns, but managing it may not always be clear. A presentation at the virtual 2020 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition offers a tiered approach to aid in management.

Pediatric Migraine: Clinical Pearls in Diagnosis and Therapy

September 01, 2006

Steven, a 13-year-old boy, experienced his first headache at age 7 years. The frequency, intensity, and duration of his headaches have been increasing over the past 6 months. Steven now experiences 7 to 10 headaches each month that last up to 8 hours. The headaches are associated with mild nausea, light and sound sensitivity, dizziness, fatigue, occasional abdominal discomfort, and difficulty in concentrating. Last year, he had a vomiting episode because of a headache. The pain is usually more prominent in the forehead and does not favor either side of the head. The headaches usually begin in the morning before he leaves for school. As a result, Steven has missed nearly 25% of his school days this semester; his parents are considering home tutoring for "sick children who are unable to attend school."

What Next For This Patient?: Teenage Girl With Constant Headaches

April 01, 2005

"Headaches" is the chief complaint. Acne was the problem last year for 17-year-old Michelle. Otherwise her history is unremarkable. What's causing these daily headaches?