Meet the Board: Amin J. Barakat, MD, FAAP

June 04, 2021

Contemporary Pediatrics sits down with Amin J. Barakat, MD, FAAP, who is a professor of clinical pediatrics at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC in the latest episode of the Meet the Board series.

Using lessons learned in the pandemic to build a better future

April 23, 2021

Contemporary Pediatrics sat down with Andrew J. Schuman, MD, FAAP, to discuss his hope for using those lesson to improve care as well as what pediatricians can do to address coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine hesitancy.

Meet the Board: Candice Jones, MD

February 19, 2021

For our second episode in the series, we sat down with Candice Jones, MD, who is a board-certified general pediatrician in group practice in Orlando, Florida. She is also a former National Health Service Corps Scholar.

Diagnostic Update in Tuberculosis Testing for Children

January 14, 2021

Dr Anna Mandalakas, professor of pediatrics and tropical medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, looks at the 2 screening methods available for latent tuberculosis in children, what the preferred tests have been according to the American Academy of Pediatrics Red Book, and a new study that takes a look at both testing methodologies, to compare efficacy.