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Abbott M, Miller J
What you need to learn about homeschooling. 48, Nov

Aly H: see Krishnan A

Anderson J
Rejuvenate your practice with group visits. 80, May
Sibling rivalry: When the family circle becomes a boxing ring. 72, Feb

Applebee G
A brief history of medical professionalism-and why professionalism matters. 53, Oct

Armengol C, Hendley J, Schlager T
An office-based guide to diagnosing streptococcal pharyngitis. 64, May

Armitage K, Asch-Goodkin J, Besser R, McMillan J
A call to join the fight against bacterial resistance. 103, Apr

Arnold L
Ingested and aspirated foreign bodies: Making sure that what went in comes out. 32, Nov

Asch-Goodkin J, Moellering Jr. R, Sejvar J, Steere A
Avian flu, West Nile virus, Lyme disease: Tracking the progress of hot zoonoses. 96, Sep

Asch-Goodkin J
When an adolescent is floundering, suspect ADHD. 6, Oct (Suppl)
Your ever-present challenge: Keeping the immunization level high. 72, Aug

Asch-Goodkin J: see Armitage K

Ash-Mott K: see Ralston S

Barankin B
A "red mark and bruising" on an infant's face. 16, Jul
Large, asymptomatic papules on the shoulder. 2, Oct (Suppl)

Basco W: see Goldblatt M

Batisky D: see Meddings J

Beers L, Cheng T
When a teen has a tot: A model of care for the adolescent parent and her child. 47, Apr

Bell D: see Marcell A Benjamin J, Lawrence L, Perrin E
The challenges of managing eating disorders in your office. 49, Jan

Bennett H
Strategies for success with an enuresis alarm. 49, Sep
To welcome Spring, a garden of Clinical Tips. 98, Apr

Berry A: see Schulman S

Besser R: see Armitage K

Bingham J
Who knows the cause of the plaque on a boy's nose? 20, May

Blatt J: see Scholer A

Bono A: see Ferrari A

Braganza S, Galvez M, Mencin A, Ozuah P
Weighing the appropriate uses of supplemental zinc. 66, Jul

Braganza S, Galvez M, Ozuah P
What to tell parents about diet therapy for ADHD. 47, May

Braganza S, Ozuah P
What to tell parents about low-carbohydrate dieting for children. 92, Apr
What's the evidence on treating diseases with vitamin C and megavitamins? 81, Jun

Brown P
Answers to key questions about childhood leukemia-for the generalist. 81, Mar

Cayce K: see Rodenberg R

Chandran L, Milana C
What's new in Kawasaki disease? 40, Jul

Cheng T: see Beers L

Ching J: see Das A

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