Annual Editorial Index


An index of articles in Contemporary Pediatrics in 2005, by author and by subject.


Anderson S see Brosco JAsch-Goodkin J
Immunization: Not just for Baby any longer. 4, Oct (Suppl)
When parents say "No" to immunizing their child. 80, Jun

Augustyn M, Groves B
If we don't ask, they aren't going to tell: Screening for domestic violence. 43, Sep

Berger S see Campbell RBhutani V, Keren R, Johnson L
Treating acute bilirubin encephalopathy-before it's too late. 57, May

Black DW see Turchi RMBlackman J
Severe brain injury: Helping patient and family on the long road back. 63, Jan

Bogen D see Park SWBortot A
Papular lesions and thickened nails on the feet: A "Don't Walk" sign? 36, Sep

Brenner M
You can provide efficient, effective, and reimbursable breastfeeding support. 66, Sep

Bridgemohan C, Choueiri R
To make the biggest different, screen early for autism spectrum disorders. 54, Oct

Bromberg D see Tellerman KBrosco J, Schaechter J, Anderson S
Adolescent patients and their confidentiality: Staying within legal bounds. 54, Jul

Buchta RM see Turchi RMCampbell R, Berger S, Ellison A, Riehle T
Preventing-with the goal of eradicating-sudden cardiac death in children. 37, Oct

Chernoff R see Tellerman KChoueiri R see Bridgemohan CCohen B see Trager JCohen B see Kudchadkar SConnor E see Stafstrom CCrocetti M, Serwint J
Fever: Separating fact from fiction. 34, Jan

Dennehy P
Update on a high-morbidity infection: Rotavirus. 34, Dec

Eichberg C see Green MEichenfeld L see Morel KEllison A see Campbell REstep R
"The time is out of joint": Pain, paresthesias, and weakness in a preadolescent. 20, Sep

Fine B
Negotiating the system of publicly financed pediatric health care. 84, Dec

Fink D see Serwint JFisher P
Help for headaches: A strategy for your busy practice. 34, Nov

Florin T, Hinkle A
A guide to caring for cancer survivors. 31, Aug

Flynn J, Goodstein M
Little patients, big numbers: Evaluating and managing infant hypertension. 48, Apr

Gardiner P see Kemper KGephart H
Help your adolescent ADHD patient make the transition to college. 9, Oct (Suppl)

Goodstein M see Flynn JGreen M, Sullivan P, Eichberg C
Helping academic underachievers become achievers in their own right. 29, Jun

Grossman L see Tellerman KGroves B see Augustyn MHeisler A see Tellerman KHeldrich F see Lockman JHeyman R, Spigarelli M
The A-R-T of tobacco use counseling: A new office approach. 77, Sep

Hill I, Hill K
Celiac disease: Fundamentals for pediatricians. 65, Oct

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