Another year gone by, another Top-10 list


Journal Club Section Editor Dr. Michael G. Burke offers his choice of the 10 best articles reviewed in this department over the past 12 months. The list below is chronologic by issue of Contemporary Pediatrics. Visit the Journal Club archives to read the summary of, and Dr. Burke's commentary on, each top-10 designee.

New drivers in fatal crashes took more chances
Gonzales MM et al: Ann Emerg Med 2005;45:140 (April 2005 Contemporary Pediatrics)

Warm-up exercises prevent knee and ankle injury
Olsen O-E et al: Brit Med J 2005;330:449 (May 2005)

Nonsevere AOM: Watchful waiting or antibiotics?
McCormick DP et al: Pediatrics 2005;115:1455 (August 2005)

Orlistat appears to help obese teenagers
Chanoine JP et al: JAMA 2005;293:2873 (September 2005)

Which young infants are most at risk of UTI?
Zorc JJ et al: Pediatrics 2005;116:644 (November 2005)

Probiotics ease atopic dermatitis
Weston S et al: Arch Dis Child 2005;90:892 (November 2005)

A pacifier reduces the risk of SIDS
Hauck FR et al: Pediatrics 2005;116:e716 (January 2006)

Controlling obesity in school: Look beyond cafeterias and vending machines
Kubik MY et al: Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2005;159:1111 (February 2006)

Written home-management plan helps control asthma
Agrawal SK et al: Acta Paediatrica 2005;94:1742 (March 2006)

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