The best new products of 2007, Part 2


An ear "chirper," germ-busting doorknobs, needleless anesthesia, a see-through-skin light, and the world's most realistic baby doll, make up the next installment of the best new products of 2007.

Part 1 of the article, in the December 2007 issue, discussed advancements such as noise-reducing stethoscopes, wound closure systems, battery-powered ear dryers, and a color-coded hospital emergency management system for children.

Sanitizing your doorknobs

Originally intended to be used to sanitize bathroom doorknobs in large institutions, the device makes perfect sense for medical environments such as medical offices and hospitals, or even day cares and schools. The device costs about $60, and a box of a dozen sanitizer refills costs $75. HYSO is planning to eventually market a unit for home use.

The EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor, redesigned!

Innovia Medical has recently redesigned the consumer device to make it easier for parents to use, and improved the electronics to enhance its accuracy and reliability. The new Middle Ear Monitor features a smaller tip to fit more comfortably into the ears of smaller children, an LED display to improve visibility at night, and an audible tone to indicate when the scan has completed. It is also significantly smaller than the previous version.

The home monitor is useful for children with a history of frequent OM, and can be used to check middle ear fluid similar to how peak flow meters check asthma. It shows measurements on a color-coded linear scale that indicates the likelihood of a middle ear effusion. The new units will be available for about $50. A redesigned EarCheck Pro for physicians is in the works as well.

Quickly anesthetize injection and phlebotomy sites

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