Books on autism and ASD

A description of 11 books for children with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

There is an increasing prevalence and a lack of clarity regarding what is (and isn't) to blame for the epidemic numbers of children being diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). As a result, autism has been thrust on to center stage with increasing regularity by the media, in the pediatrician's office, and in homes across the country. The scientific and pediatric challenges that lie ahead may seem daunting. But the heartening news is that parents, educators and pediatricians alike are already well equipped to focus our efforts on building on the strengths that children have. We are in the ideal position to make some incredibly powerful choices about autism. One such choice is to put the spotlight on books that promote understanding, tolerance, and self-acceptance. Several publishers have dedicated themselves to enriching the lives of ASD children through books, understanding, and the promotion of self-acceptance. The following is a representative sample.

1. All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

By Kathy Hoopman,
Jessica Kingsley, 2006 (65 pages)

2. Oliver Onion: The Onion Who Learns to Accept and Be Himself

By Diane Murrell,
Autism Asperger Publishing Company