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Calcium consumption may affect boys' metabolism

Boys who ingest calcium often may have a higher metabolism at rest, compared with children who do not consume as much, a new report indicates.

Boys who consume calcium regularly may benefit from a higher metabolism at rest compared with children who do not consume as much, a report of a study published online in the April 19 edition of the Journal of Pediatrics suggests.

Researchers from the University of Alabama Birmingham explored the connection between children's recorded calcium consumption and resting energy expenditure (REE). The investigators theorized that if calcium consumption affects body fat accumulation, its consumption also might influence calorie use at rest.

Researchers reviewed the diets of 315 children (ages 7 to 12 years), while measuring their body fat levels and REE. No direct relationship between calcium intake and levels of body fat was noted; however, researchers found a link between higher calcium consumption and a higher resting metabolism, which was linked to lower body fat levels.