Clinician poll: Can you diagnose this child with itchy, red, and painful hands?


Read the case and take your best guess at diagnosing this 4-year-old patient.

Welcome to this Contemporary Pediatrics clinician poll. This poll goes hand-in-hand with our newest dermatology case study, that has been published in the dermatology section of our January/February issue of Contemporary Pediatrics.

Take a look at the case synopsis and try to make the correct diagnosis with the poll below. After, click the link that appears for the full case study with differential diagnosis and patient management.

The Case:

A 4-year-old boy developed edematous, itchy, painful hands and fingers with erythema while playing out in the snow. The most severe involvement was localized to his upper extremities, specifically in his right index and pinky finger and left pinky finger. The child was otherwise healthy with no prior severe medical issues, and he did not present with COVID-19 symptoms.

What's the diagnosis?

COVID toes
Raynaud phenomenon

This case was provided by Michelle Lai.

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