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And the diagnosis is ...

By Robert Englander, MD, and Carol Carraccio, MD


1. A type of extreme regurgitation indicated by a liver with expansilepulsation.

2. Hallmarks of endocarditis, these spots are erythematous nodular lesionsof the palms, soles, or finger pads.

3. Perifollicular dermal hemorrhage has been associated with this diseaseof ascorbic acid deficiency.

4. A positive test for this jerk sign is pathognomonic for subluxationof the hip.

5. A type of murmur that occurs in the absence of physiologic or structuralheart disease.

6. This pulsus of more than 10 mm Hg suggests obstructive lung diseaseor cardiac tamponade.

7. A systolic ejection murmur (two words) transmitted to the carotidsand associated with a plateau pulse.


8. A bruit over the right hemithorax suggests this malformation of pulmonaryvessels.

9. A large, oval, erythematous lesion with peripheral scaling (two words)that is associated with pityriasis rosea.

10. Nail pitting is a common finding in this "heartbreaking"skin condition.

11. Paralysis of the hypoglossal nerve results in tongue protrusion towhich side?

12. A test for pelvic abscesses, in which the supine patient flexes thethigh against resistance from the examiner, takes its name from this muscle.

13. A common condition in newborns characterized by cold and blue handsand feet.

14. This sign of meningitis is tested with straight leg raising.

15. Another term for ocular proptosis, this is a common finding in thyrotoxicosis.

(Answers listed below)

DR. ENGLANDER is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Director,Resident Education, University of Maryland Medical System, Baltimore.

DR. CARRACCIO is Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director, ResidentEducation, at the same institution.


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