Contemporary Pediatrics, Digital Edition, February 2012


Identifying abusive head trauma : Knowing what to look for can save babies from future harm Dermcase : Tender, red skin in a 5-year old Puzzler : Persistent stridor in an otherwise healthy newborn Updates : Vaccination schedules, DSM-5 on Autism Speech Therapy for PVFM, Hemophilia B FWS in Infants, HPV Vaccinations

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cUTI Roundtable: Discussing and diagnosing these difficult infections
Willough Jenkins, MD
Discussing health care sustainability, climate change, and WHO's One Health goal | Image credit: Provided by Shreya Doshi
Willough Jenkins, MD
Screening for and treating the metatarsus adductus foot deformity |  Image Credit: UNFO md ltd
Wendy Ripple, MD
Wendy Ripple, MD
Courtney Nelson, MD
DB-OTO improved hearing to normal in child with profound genetic deafness | Image Credit: © Marija - © Marija -
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