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Contribute to the Site - PEDIATRICS

PediatricsConsultantLive.com gives pediatricians authoritative, practical solutions to everyday clinical dilemmas.

The site offers guidance on key topics encountered in clinical practice, as well as short, quick-reading features that emphasize diagnostic quizzes, thoughtful  solutions, and a trove of clinical images.

We also offer point-of-care diagnostic help with PhotoClinic Mobile, our app that helps clinicians pin-point diagnosis and treatment of common conditions. 

If you are a pediatric or adolescent health care provider,... we'd love to hear from you. Add your comments to the site and get regular e-mail updates with a quick registration.

We invite you to send us original case reports accompanied by outstanding images and that have a practical teaching message for primary care practitioners. Please refer to our Author Guidelines for information on style and format. Cases can be submitted to the Editorial Team at grace.halsey@ubm.com.

Or, just let us know what gets your goat and keeps you up at night.