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Efficacy of drugs for status epilepticus (VIDEO)

For Contemporary Pediatrics, Dr Bobby Lazzara discusses a randomized, blinded adaptive trial that looked at the efficacy of 3 intravenous anticonvulsant agents used to treat children with status epilepticus.

I’m Dr. Bobby Lazarra. Welcome to the Medical News Minute.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine [was] a randomized, blinded adaptive trial  comparing the efficacy of 3 IV anticonvulsant agents in children and adults with status epilepticus. The drugs levetirecetum, fosphentyoin, and valproate were studied if benzodiazepines were ineffective. Now the primary outcome was no clinical evidence of seizures as well as improvement in the level of consciousness by 60 minutes. The findings: in 384 patients randomized, all 3 drugs met the primary endpoint in half of the patients with status epilepticus and all drugs had similar adverse events. So barring a contraindication, what is your choice and why? Or since the study showed no significant differences, do you simply go for the most cost-effective choice and which drug is that?

I’m Dr. Bobby Lazarra. This has been the Medical News Minute.