Fluzone Administered: Does Baby Need More?

Your answer to the question in this case will hinge on what you know about the influenza strains in the 2014-2015 vaccine vs those in the 2013-2014 formulation. See what you think.

A 23-month-old child is in your office in early September for evaluation of diaper rash and you’ve taken the opportunity to catch up on his vaccinations. The child did receive a single dose of trivalent vaccine last February but did not come back for the recommended second dose last year since he had never had a flu vaccine previously. Per the 2014-2015 influenza vaccine recommendations from the ACIP, you’ve administered 0.25 cc of the preservative-free quadravalent formulation of Fluzone (IIV).

The mom asks when she should bring the child back; you tell her that she:

A. does not need to return for a second flu dose since the child got a dose last year
B. needs to return in 4 weeks for the child’s second flu shot
C. needs to return in 4 weeks for the child to receive either the live attenuated vaccine (LAIV or FluMist) or the shot
D. needs to return in 4 weeks for the child to receive the FluMist dose if it's available; otherwise a second shot would be fine
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