Follow-up-Better late than never


A thank you from the Editor-in-Chief, years later, to her fellow residents, who helped her with scheduling and on call when she was pregnant and about to have her child.

Key Points

Twenty-nine and a half years ago, when my daughter was a fetus of 25 weeks gestation, early labor put me at bed rest for the remaining 2 months of my PL2 year.

In 1978, only about 10% of medical students were women, and pregnancy during residency training was unusual. There was no formal maternity leave policy, and residency programs were certainly not accustomed to reorganizing schedules to accommodate complications of pregnancy.

Nonetheless, my fellow residents rallied around and adjusted their call schedules on behalf of my unborn daughter and me. (Demonstrating willfulness I would later realize was characteristic, my daughter did not actually present herself until 10 days beyond her due date.)

The contribution of time made by colleagues is a not-insignificant effort to ensure a healthy delivery for a child who will likely grow to adulthood outside their purview. I know I'm not alone in feeling grateful for the support of my colleagues.

So, I'm using this platform to thank my fellow residents and chief residents who, if they objected to the extra call they took on my behalf, never let it show. And, twenty-nine years later, I'm giving you some follow-up: she did great!

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Allison Scott, DNP, CPNP-PC, IBCLC
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