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Include SCHIP on your list of back-to-school reminders

Children just went back to school for a new academic year; time, as it always is, for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to post a list of reminders related to the season for you to offer to parents:

This year, there's something for providers added to these commandments:

Six million of the nine million uninsured children in the United States are believed to be eligible for low-cost or free coverage through Medicaid or SCHIP; regrettably, their parents are unaware of that eligibility. To help remedy the situation, the AAP has joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Covering Kids & Families program's Back to School 2005 campaign as a national supporter. The campaign is sponsoring special outreach events this month. Want to find out about events planned for your state or to download information to distribute to parents? http://www.coveringkidsandfamilies.org/ ought to be your destination.