Kids consume too many sugar-laden drinks

Too many children are consuming too many sweet-sweetened drinks and too much 100% fruit juice.


According to a survey of 830 parents of children aged 6 months to 12 years, 1 in 5 children consumes excessive calories (200 to 2200 k/cal per day) in sugar-sweetened drinks and 100% fruit juice. Three major risk factors for overconsumption were drinking more than the AAP-recommended daily fruit juice servings for the child’s age; being in the upper part of the survey’s age range; and having Medicaid. Almost all the parents said they would follow a doctor’s advice about sugary drinks, but only 59% said their pediatrician had addressed the topic (Rader RK, et al. Clin Pediatr. 2014;53[11]:1047-1054). 



Ms Freedman is a freelance medical editor and writer in New Jersey. Dr Burke, section editor for Journal Club, is chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Saint Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. The editors have nothing to disclose in regard to affiliations with or financial interests in any organizations that may have an interest in any part of this article.

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