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Diabetes management * Jaundice therapy * Nutritional supplement

New option for diabetes management

The glucose sensor is a small subcutaneous electrode that can take as many as 288 glucose readings each day, and can be worn for up to three days.

An insulin pump shows "real-time" glucose values every five minutes, and delivers insulin in a way that mimics the body. An alarm either vibrates or sounds when blood glucose levels are off, and tracks the amount of insulin in the body to avoid overdosing. For more information, contact Medtronic at 800-646-6433 or visit

Go-anywhere light therapy for jaundice

BiliSoft has six blue LEDs with a "soft" flexible fiber optic light pad in two sizes for preemies and full-term infants. The larger-sized pad allows for developmental positioning or swaddling of the baby. For more information, visit

Nutritional supplement now available in chocolate