The latest products for pediatricians and parents

New pediatric products from Toy Fair 2008: sign language flash cards, an interactive educational video game, and educational conversation cards.

Key Points

Sign language made fun and easy

Signing Time is beneficial for both deaf and hearing children. Other potential benefits include enhanced memory, reduced toddler frustration, increased self-esteem for special needs children, boosted IQ, and a stronger bond between parent and child. The Signing Time series has won over 60 national parenting awards, including The Children's Notable Video Award from the American Library Association. For more information, call 801-676-4440 or visit

New card decks available from US Games Systems include BaseballTalk, GreenTalk (about the environment), SleepytimeTalk, MovieTalk, and DiscoveryTalk (about exploration and adventure). Other card decks in the series include TableTalk, AnimalTalk, ArtTalk, KidTalk, ScienceTalk, and SportsTalk. For more information, call toll free at 800-544-2637 or visit

Toy cycle lets kids ride while playing a video game

The Smart Cycle comes with one game, Learning Adventure. Other games include SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Diego, Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie, and Hot Wheels. The games teach basic concepts such as upper and lowercase letters, numbers and counting, spelling, problem-solving, shapes, matching, creativity, spatial reasoning, and motor skills.

The Smart Cycle won two Toy of the Year Awards from the Toy Industry Association, including Most Innovative Toy of the Year and Educational Toy of the Year. For more information, visit