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Milk warmer * Baby carrier * Office screening tool

This warmer prevents infant's milk from overheating

Up to four servings of breastmilk/formula can be heated at one time, within sterile, disposable thermal bags that are placed inside a warm-water bath. The device gently vibrates to mix the milk and milk fat for uniform consistency, and to avoid hot spots. The LED lights up on the display panel, and a gentle alarm sounds to alert you when the proper temperature is reached. For more information, visit

The carrier has wide shoulder straps and a ventilated lumbar support, to distribute weight and relieve stress on the shoulders and back. Available in black with five accent colors, ASTM and EN certified. For more information or a store locator, visit or call toll free, 800-593-5522.

Developmental/behavioral office screening tool

Resources for Spanish-speaking parents and clinicians can be found on the PEDS: DM Web site, and a Spanish version of the tool is due out this fall. For more information, visit .