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Managing concussion in a young athlete

A "rung bell" is common and can do significant acute and long-term harm to a developing brain. Because no guideline or protocol has been adequately studied for application to children and adolescents, take a cautious approach to management of concussion in youth, the author advises.

Dilip R. Patel, MD is professor of pediatrics and human development, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies, Kalamazoo. Staff editors: JULIA RUSSELL, Managing Editor, and JOHN BARANOWSKI, Editor, Contemporary Pediatrics The author, staff editors, and manuscript reviewers have nothing to disclose in regard to affiliations with, or financial interests in, any organization that may have an interest in any part of this article.

My goal in this article is to review those aspects of sport-related concussion that you, the generalist pediatrician, are likely to manage.

Evaluating the young athlete