New Products

Potty Monkey trainer * WeeSpecs Supreme phototherapy mask * Ultra Young Soles orthotics

1. Child- and parent-friendly potty training system

The "Potty Trainer" parent guide offers training information and advice, describes training pitfalls, and gives helpful tips. Once their child has successfully completed the program, parents can download a certificate of completion at

2. Anatomic mask shields even the littlest eyes from light

The anatomically contoured goggle hugs the infant's facial features and is made from soft, breathable foam that allows for eye movement underneath. The strap is made from slip-resistant, latex-free foam. The masks are available in three sizes-preemie <28 cm, small 28-34 cm, and medium >34 cm, and are packaged 50 per case. For more information, visit or 800-345-6443.

3. Protect children's posture while they're growing