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Activated charcoal treats poisoning

National Poison Prevention Week, the third week of March, is a good timeto remind parents to be sure an antidote is on hand. CharcoAid G is a premeasuredbottle of activated charcoal powder that comes with its own straw. All caregiversneed to do is open the bottle, add water or juice to the fill line, andstay with the child until he drinks the entire contents of the bottle. Thecharcoal binds to the toxin, such as aspirin, pesticide, sleeping pills,antibiotics or painkillers, and keeps it from entering the blood stream.

Before CharcoAid G treatment, parents should contact a poison controlcenter or health professional. Activated Charcoal is not appropriate forall situations, and in some cases large doses are required.

Available at local pharmacies, each bottle costs about $7. For more informationor copies of a brochure called "First Aid for Poisoning" call800-321-1085, or write to Requa, Inc., PO Box 4008, Greenwich, CT 06831.

Nasal congestion relieved gently

Little Noses Products offers several treatments for the nasal congestionof colds, allergies, and the flu. Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops loosensnasal secretions to make removal easier. The soft tip Nasal Aspirator canassist. Two typesof decongestant drops are available: one is topically appliedand contains 1Ž8% phenylephrine HCL solution;the other is given orally and is grape flavored. Also available to preventchapping and cracking is Little Noses Saline Moisturizing Gel, which containsvitamin E and aloe. No sugar, saccharin, alcohol, or dyes are used in anyof these products, which may be purchased over the counter at pharmaciesand other stores. For more information call Vetco, Inc., at 800-7-LITTLE.

Earplugs available in a smaller size

Mack's Earplugs now come in a size specifically made for children. Theycan be used to keep the ears dry during swimming and showering, to screenout excess noise, and to prevent uncomfortable pressure changes when flying.Made with the original silicone formula, Mack's Earplugs Kids Size expandsto offer a tight seal for all children's ear sizes. They come in a hot orangecolor that makes them hard to lose. For more information call McKeon Products,Inc., 248-548-7560 or fax 248-548-7592.

Lipids profiled from four drops of blood

Leadtech offers a service that provides a lipid profile of total cholesterol,triglycerides, HDL, and LDL (calculated) from four drops of finger stickblood. The blood sample is applied to filter paper and sent in a prepaidmailer to Osborn Laboratories for prompt analysis. The tests are inexpensiveand equal in sensitivity and specificity to other methods. Filter papersand mailers are provided at no charge. For information or start-up suppliescall Leadtech at 800-367-5323.

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