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New Products

Parents' little helper for bottle feeding

Shaped to resemble a pair of floppy ears, the holder positions the bottle directly toward the baby's mouth and serves as a pair of handles that the child grips to bring the bottle easily to the mouth. The inventor, and mother, Marni Schwartz, reports that the bottle holder works best with babies 3 months to 1 year old, and should be used with the infant lying at an angle. For information, call 888-819-8921 or visit http://www.elephantearsbottleholder.com/.

Baby Products Galore

A change of season can bring about all sorts of allergies, but many children also suffer from allergies caused by clothing and chemicals in soaps and other cleansers. Several new products have been introduced to alleviate such problems:

Read about children and their world

About Children: An Authoritative Resource of the State of Childhood Today is a multifaceted portrait of youth. The book is a collaboration between the Center for Child Health Research of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Social Science Research Center at Mississippi State University. Forty-six chapters range from advertising in schools to child abuse; gender roles to health insurance; and adolescent sexuality to the historical eras of pediatrics. To purchase About Children, visit http://www.aap.org/bookstore.