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Summertime: Help with tick removal

Dr. Webster's Tick-Remover, the size of a small toothbrush, is designed to remove ticks from the skin. The device uses a three-step process to remove the tick: 1) The angled tip of the device is placed behind the tick until the tick's mouth parts are in the slot, which should make the tick stand up. 2) The plastic blades are slowly squeezed together to extract the tick from the skin. 3) The pressure of squeezing is maintained to immobilize the tick. The tick may then be preserved for identification or disposal. The plastic tools—colored pink to make them easy to see in a first-aid kit—cost $7.95 for a double pack or $4.95 when purchased individually. For information, call 888-777-0422 or visit .

On-the-spot heat relief

The HiMa Ice Towel Company manufactures small, 100% cotton towels for children who play in the sun or participate in sports during hot weather. Designed to aid evaporation, the towels are saturated with menthol and other fragrances intended to provide a cooling sensation, and with lemongrass, which may exert some effect as a mild insect repellent. The towels are stored at room temperature and should be frozen approximately 12 hours before being applied. Made in a variety of colors and sizes, Super Cool Ice Towels are disposable and can be recycled. For information, call 866-ICETOWL (866-423-8695) or visit .

Sunscreen formulated for very sensitive skin

COTZ, a new sunscreen from the makers of Total Block, is a mineral-based sunscreen of SPF 58. Designed to be resistant to water and perspiration, COTZ replaces typical ingredients, chemicals, and fragrances found in sunscreens with ultra-micronized titanium dioxide, plus zinc and iron dioxide. The product offers the skin protection from UVB and short and long UVA rays. For information, call 800-332-5536 or visit .

Special delivery: Dosing asthma medications for children

Latex-free and dishwasher safe, the PARI Vortex holding chamber was devised to help a child receive a well-modulated dose of inhaler medication consistently. The non-electrostatic holding chamber, when fitted to a metered dose inhaler, is designed to suspend medication particles inside its cylinder so the child receives the full amount prescribed. For more information, call 800-FAST-NEB (327-8632) or visit .

When sitting or standing is difficult

Disabled children have a new seat designed to help them move around and reposition themselves better at school or at home. The EasyStand Magician Comfort Seat is made for children 3' to 4'6" tall who need help whenever they sit or try to stand. The chair includes an adjustable wrap-around seat, a back support, and a foot-operated lifting device to help when changing positions. Other mobility and positioning options may be added to the chair. For more information, call 800-342-8968 or visit .

Good news for children who've been cut or scraped

Johnson & Johnson has introduced several changes to the conventional adhesive bandage. First, the Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage uses a waterproof gel barrier to protect wounds from dirt, while sealing in the body's healing chemical constituents. Second, some adhesive bandages now carry images of two of Nickelodeon television network's popular characters—Rocket Power and Dora the Explorer. Third, also available is First Aid Pocket Pals, a small first-aid kit packed in a slim pouch that can be used to treat minor wounds. SpongeBob SquarePants (another favorite Nickelodeon character) appears on the kit's glow-in-the-dark adhesive bandages. For information, call 866-JNJ-2873 or visit .


New Products. Contemporary Pediatrics June 2003;20:109.

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