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Shape of the human breast in bottle's design

The Adiri Breastbottle, or nurser, incorporates the domed design of a human breast into a bottle that delivers formula or breast milk. The bottle's pliable walls collapse slowly to minimize air ingestion; there is no nipple to come loose because the entire bottle functions as a one-piece milk dispenser. The dome of the Breastbottle rests upside down in the plastic jar in which it is packaged; after milk is poured into the dome and the lid is added, the jar is inverted. The jar portion is then removed and the imitation breast is ready to use alone for feeding. Adiri imitates breast milk flow for babies who are being switched from breast to bottle by being outfitted with three portals for the flow of milk. Only one portal is pre-opened; the two others can be opened by turning the dome inside out and snipping the ends of ducts. A special valve in the lid reduces the amount of bubbles that form in the milk or formula during feeding. The Adiri nursers sell for about $13. For more information call 888-SNUGGLY or visit .

Crib sheets focus on safety

An estimated 900 infant deaths a year are linked to soft bedding, according to the American Society for Testing and Materials; sheets of all types, but particularly cheaper ones after washing, have been implicated. Patented Stayput safety sheets (designed by a mother whose son suffocated after becoming entangled in a loose crib sheet) fit standard mattresses (28" x 52", 5" to 6" deep). The sheets slide over the mattress like a pillowcase and are fitted with a flap at one end that is secured with a Velcro strap hidden beneath the mattress. Standard 100% cotton sheets are available in eight colors; flannel sheets of 50% cotton, 50% polyester are avaliable in white and beige. For information, call 877-278-2978 or visit . (The manufacturer reports that a percentage of revenue from the sale of Stayput sheets is contributed to J. R. CRIBS [Crib Regulations and Infant Bedding Safety] Foundation.)


Gel treats scars with targeted dosage

A topical gel, Mederma Skin Care for Scars, can now be purchased in a 20-gram tube as well as the 50-gram size. The manufacturer reports that Mederma, which is formulated from a botanical extract of onions, is safe for use in young children as a means of reducing the severity of scar formation after surgery, burns, acne, or injury. The smaller size is usually adequate for treating a small scar. To yield marked improvement, new scars need to be treated two to four times a day for two months. The retail price of a 20-gram tube of Mederma is approximately $15; the 50-gram tube costs about $30. For more information call 888-MERZ-USA (637-9872) or visit .



New Products. Contemporary Pediatrics 2001;4:106.

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